Apollo Safety Film Automotive Series

Our staff has years of experience and a passion to service the Automotive Window Film industry. We offer a large range of automotive film, from our Ultra Series to our Nano Ceramic Lines. Every single Apollo Window Film series is created with the same unique formula of durability and quality.

Automotive Window Film is our passion therefore we dedicate our efforts to always provide the very best safety and security window film.

Apollo Window Film provides protection for your automobile, your personal effects and yourself. Apollo Window Film is designed to hold glass particles together in case of breakage. They provide both an added barrier on the window and protection against any element of the road that flies against your windows.

It works as a great theft deterrent. Our window film helps to reduce the “see inside, smash, and grab” type of theft. It makes it difficult to see inside the car to break the safety glass, forcing the thief to move on to another vehicle.
Security Films are available in different shades for sun control as well as a clear film keeping the appearance of the window.


Manufactured in the USA under the strictest quality control standards in the industry. Our advanced lamination process allows an easy installation due to its shrink ability. You and your customers will appreciate the fact that our films offer superior scratch and weather resistance as well as preventing color fading into purple.
We provide for each roll of film a warranty of 3 years with a serial number, giving your customers a nationwide warranty and a peace of mind about their vehicles tint.  ~ Learn More


ULTRA JSX series is the next window film upgrade level for durability. Made in the USA, it has very strict quality control standards in the market. Our advanced lamination process allows an easy installation due to its shrink ability. You will be pleased to offer your customers a scratch and weather resistance superior window film, which is 100% color stable.
Our serial numbering rolls of film will make your customers rest easy about their vehicle’s tint since it carries a Lifetime Warranty. Ultra JSX series color is engineered to give you that O.E. Factory match for those roll up jobs.  ~ Learn More

• ULTRA CSX Ceramic Series

Due to the market demanding competitive prices in high quality ceramic window film, we have created our new Ultra CSX series window film. CSX is a complete line of affordable premium carbon nano-ceramic technology window film. CSX series is available in VLT’s from 05%, 20%, 35%, 50%
All rolls are available in 60″ x 100ft rolls, cut to fit your specific needs. Apollo Window Film are proudly manufactured in the USA.  ~ Learn More

• ULTRA SKY IR Nano Ceramic Series

Ultra SKY IR is for your customers concerned with Heat and UV protection with the clearest view possible. Most films in this category require that you as a dealer purchase material in a 60″ roll. We offer SKY in a 40″ roll.
SKY gives your customer the most cost-effective solution for their comfort and clarity where it is needed most. Ultra SKY is available in a 76% VLT, gives you up to a 65% IR Infrared rejection. Ultra SKY is the clear choice. Apollo Window Film is proudly manufactured in the USA. ~ Learn More

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